Buy S Group's gift card

S Group gift card – a good idea!

Give a gift that gladdens both the giver and the recipient. An S Group gift card can be used for shopping, interior decoration, good eating, enjoyment – whatever the recipient likes.

S-Group all-purpose gift cards are available at the customer service desk in Prisma and Sokos outlets as well as at larger S-markets. The gift cards are denominated at 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 euro, and they are accepted at all S-Group places of business in Finland.

The general gift certificates of the S Group are versatile. They can be used to purchase goods and services around Finland. The S Group general gift certificate is accepted at department stores (e.g., Sokos and Prisma), in grocery shops (e.g., S-market, Alepa, Sale) and at Sokos and Radisson Blu hotels. It can also be used for dining in the many restaurants of the S Group or for purchases from Agrimarket, Terra or ABC outlets or the car shops of the S Group.

In addition, the S Group offers more personalised gift certificates for hotels, spas and restaurants as well as Sokos department stores.

  General instructions for use:

  • The S-Group gift cards are convenient credit card size cards with a magnetic strip, and the time of validity marked as mm/yy on the face of the card.
  • Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for money; they must be used for purchases in their entirety.
  • No Bonus is paid to the buyer of the gift certificate. Bonus only accrues when the gift certificate is used to pay for products or services.
  • Gift certificates cannot be used at the outlets of Bonus cooperation partners or benefit partners.