Download outlets to your navigator, Navigon

You can download S-Group chains outlets onto Navigon 40 and 70 series hardware using the NAVIGON Fresh software package.

The installation varies between different models. These instructions were written for the Navigon 70 Plus. You can find model-specific instructions on the hardware supplier's website or in the materials which came with the device.

Start a MyNAVIGON account for yourself, following the website's instructions.
Download NAVIGON Fresh to your computer. You can find the software here.
Downloading S-Group outlets to your navigator:

  • Open NAVIGON Fresh.
  • Select File > Special item assistant (.csv). Note! You can change the interface language using File > Settings
  • Click "Copy special items to navigator" and select from your computer's hard drive the chains (e.g., Prisma.csv, Kodin Terra.csv), whose outlets you want on your navigator. The chains will be added to the navigator one at a time. Note! You can download a maximum of 1,000 outlets to Navigon 40 and 70 range hardware.
  • For the icon of an outlet, you can use the Navigon default (orange pin), the S-Group icon or an icon of your own making. Change icons by clicking the pen icon over the chain you want.
  • You can delete chains from your navigator by clicking the recycle bin icon.