Memphis Hakaniemi

Siltasaarenkatu 18-20, 00530 Helsinki Telefon 010 76 64120 (0,0835 €/samtal + 0,1209 €/min)


ÖPPET I DAG 11:30 – 21:00

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The best place to energy chill in Helsinki!

Memphis is a bubbly pre-party and afterwork venue, where you can raise the roof with friends or just take it easy and recharge your batteries. It's just the place for those moments when you haven't decided if you are going for a meal, a drink or a chat. A couple of drinks might be enough to unravel the mysteries of energy chilling, but the truth is you always end up having something to eat too. So why not select a fun dish or two as a light snack, or make an evening of it and have a proper sit-down dinner with friends?

Here at Memphis, our menu is based on sharing dishes and experiences. You can taste both Asian and American influences in our food. Try our wonderfully soft filled bao and tasty dumplings – you won't regret it! Our chargrilled Char Char Chicken is a delicious classic served with your choice of sauce and side – just the way you want it!

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