SOK Corporation's governance and management

S Group's business is organised in nation-wide chains. SOK Corporation, which is owned by the cooperatives, centrally provides the cooperatives with service functions.

SOK operates as the central organisation of the cooperative enterprises and provides them with procurement, expert and support services. SOK is also responsible for the strategic guidance of S Group and the development of the business chains.

SOK is a Finnish cooperative. Its decision-making is subject to the provisions of the Cooperatives Act, other regulations concerning the operations of the business areas, and SOK's Statutes. The operations of the subsidiaries are regulated by the Limited Liability Companies Act, among others, and SOK Corporation's operations are governed by the Corporation-wide principles.


SOK's Supervisory Board

Elected on 26 April 2018

The role of SOK's Supervisory Board is to represent the extensive grass-roots co-op membership and to act as a forum on which the Cooperative's joint position on major strategic issues is defined. Its duty is to determine overall policies and to safeguard the members' interests. The Supervisory Board confirms all the main strategic policies of S Group and SOK Corporation based on a proposal from the Executive Board.

Chairman: Matti Pikkarainen, doctor of theology, Oulu

First vice-chairperson: Timo Santavuo, attorney, Pori

Second vice-chairperson Antti Määttä, managing director, Muurame

Jorma Bergholm, managing director, Helsinki

Pentti Hämäläinen, attorney, Hamina

Tapio Kankaanpää, managing director, Kuopio 

Henrik Karvonen, managing director, Kuusamo   

Sinikka Kelhä, attorney, Rauma                                                    

Kimmo Koivisto, farmer, Pertteli

Martti Lokka, managing director, Otava

Matti Manner, lagman, Turku             

Anne Mäkelä, attorney, Kälviä

Hannu Pelkonen, managing director, Kajaani

Timo Rajala, master of law, Akaa

Jarkko Rautaoja, M. Sc. (Tech.), Heinola

Kari Suninen, managing director, Lappeenranta                         

Matti Timonen, farmer, Nurmes

Elina Varamäki, vice principal, Seinäjoki

Kristian Westerholm, agronomist, Inkoo

Personnel representatives:

Ulla Kivilaakso, marketing manager, Helsinki

Iiris Merimaa, administrative assistant, Helsinki

Kim Wrange, senior teacher, Lehmo 

SOK's Executive Board 2019

SOK's Executive Board represents the cooperative society and attends to its administration and the due arrangement of its operations within the framework of SOK Corporation and in compliance with the applicable legislation and rules. The special duty of the Executive Board is to prepare strategic decisions for presentation to the Supervisory Board, as well as to decide upon the operating plans of both SOK and its subsidiaries.

Chairman of the Executive Board,  CEO Taavi Heikkilä, SOK, Helsinki

Managing Director Kim Biskop, Osuuskauppa KPO cooperative, Kokkola

Managing Director Juha Kivelä, Pohjois-Karjalan Osuuskauppa cooperative, Joensuu

Managing Director  Hannu Krook, Osuuskauppa Varuboden-Osla cooperative, Kirkkonummi

Managing Director Veli-Matti Liimatainen, Helsingin Osuuskauppa Elanto cooperative, Helsinki

Managing Director Kimmo Simbeg, Etelä-Pohjanmaan osuuskauppa cooperative, Seinäjoki

Managing Director Olli Vormisto, Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa cooperative, Lahti 

Professor Rita Järventie-Thesleff, Aalto University School of Business

Managing Director Nermin Hairedin, Dentsu Aegis Network Oy  



SOK's Corporate Management Team

The duties of SOK's Corporate Management Team include assisting the CEO in the management of SOK Corporation and S Group. The Management Team coordinates and prepares, among other things, key proposals to be made to the Executive Board. In addition, it discusses operational matters concerning all of SOK Corporation's areas of responsibility.


Taavi Heikkilä, CEO, SOK

Arttu Laine, Executive Vice President, S-Group Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics

Jari Annala, Senior Vice President, SOK Business

Susa Nikula, Executive Vice President, SOK Human Resourcesve 

Sebastian Nyström, Executive Vice President, SOK Strategy

Jorma Vehviläinen,  Executive Vice President,  CFO, SOK Finance and Administration

Veli-Pekka Ääri, Executive Vice President, SOK Customer Relationships, Information and Digital Services


SOK Corporation's Code of Conduct

SOK Corporation is part of the S Group's network of companies, the purpose of which is to produce services and benefits for the members of the regional cooperatives, that is, co-op members. Our daily operations must meet the ethical expectations set for SOK Corporation by various stakeholders.

We operate with integrity

We keep the promises we make to each other, our customers and other stakeholders. We are accountable for the products and services we sell to our customers and help our customers to solve any problems arising from such products or services.

We are incorruptible

We do not accept nor give goods, food, beverage or travel gifts or other benefits or interests of disproportionate magnitude. We do not let gifts or benefits received influence our decisions. We do not attempt to influence holders of public office or politicians illegally or by otherwise improper means.

We respect and value each other

Our operations are based on equality. Our behaviour towards each other is professional and fair – we do not discriminate against anyone. We value each other's work regardless of the tasks involved. We respect each other's individuality and the diversity of our work communities. We feel responsible for the success and reputation of the entire S Group.

We compete in a fair way

We emphasise our own strengths, not our competitors' weaknesses. We collaborate with our trade associations and the other organisations in our industry to advance our interests and develop our trade within the framework allowed by competition legislation.


We communicate openly

Our communications relay news both good and bad. We publish messages promptly and in an understandable form. We are transparent and open. We comply with the principles of privacy protection when processing the data of private persons.

We comply with good corporate governance

We operate according to good governance at all levels of our organisation. We expect everyone working in our management to appreciate the significance of good governance.

We operate according to the valid provisions and agreements

We abide by the legislation governing our line of business and honour the agreements we have undertaken. We work to anticipate future legislative moves and to prepare for them in a controlled manner.

We operate responsibly and expect our partners to do the same

We require long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships. We seek partners whose operations are in harmony with our own values and principles.

Complying with and furthering these principles is the job of every employee of SOK Corporation. Any employee who becomes aware of or suspects a breach of these principles is urged to report their suspicions to their supervisor or, if necessary, the person responsible for corporate security or internal auditing in the employee's own company. Any supplementary rules to this Code of Conduct must be in line with this Code of Conduct.


The deployment of the Code of Conduct is the responsibility of the management and supervisors of SOK Corporation.


Helsinki, 20 January 2011

SOK's Executive Board