Co-op member and customer register

The co-op member and customer register of S-Group

The co-op member and customer register of S-Group maintains the member lists of S Group's cooperatives. Besides information on co-op members, the register contains information on persons belonging to co-op member households, and on people that are subscribers of S Group services, e.g. newsletters. The information stored in the register of co-op members is based upon information provided by the co-op members. The register also contains information on purchases for payment of Bonus, payment method benefit and a possible return of surplus, all based on purchases.

The information in the register is used e.g. for customer relations management with co-op owner households, production of benefits and services, communication and marketing. Customer data are also used for improving the business operations of S Group e.g. in order to match the network of sales points and the product selections even closer with the needs of the co-op members.

The information content of the register is explained in greater detail in the description of file (in Finnish) henkilörekisteriseloste.