Big benefits, big savings

As a co-op member, you have plenty of opportunities to make less expensive purchases by presenting and using your S-Etukortti card. In addition to inexpensive co-op member prices, you will receive Bonus and payment-method benefit – in other words, benefit on benefit! When you utilise the co-op member benefits in an optimal way, you can accrue up to hundreds of euros per year.

Restaurants and cafes

S Group's restaurant selection offers good choices for both families and friends, as well as for private romantic dining. The menus always contain delicious servings and high-quality co-op member wines for discounted prices. You can also enjoy delicacies in the numerous cafés at special prices for co-op members.

Hotels and spas

As a co-op member, your overnight stays at Sokos Hotels and Finland's Radisson Blu Hotels are less expensive

Department stores and beauty specialty shops

The Sokos department stores and Emotion specialty shops offer lots of varying benefits on purchases every month. The benefits are presented each month in the Sokos illustrated catalogue, also available online.

Other benefits

We also offer tasty benefits at ABC service station shops, varying seasonal benefits at Automaa, varying monthly benefit products at Kodin Terra outlets, Agrimarkets, S-Rautamarkets and Multasormi shops.

In addition, you will receive many benefits from our partners on trips, mobile phone calls, broadband connections, insurances, eye care services, dental care and car rentals. You will also receive various benefits at several events around Finland. Furthermore, look out for the local benefits from your cooperative.