Payment-method matters

It is advisable to use the S-Etukortti card for paying every time you make purchases in an S Group outlet.In addition to Bonus, you will then also receive 0.5% as payment-method benefit for all purchases included in the payment-method benefit system.In other words, this pays back more money!Payment-method benefit accrues for all payment options of the S-Etukortti card.

Accrual of payment-method benefit

Payment-method benefit accrues on all purchases made by persons belonging to the co-op member household and paid for with the S-Etukortti card.The benefit accrues on the purchases made in the S Group's own outlets in Finland.You will receive payment-method benefit for all payment options of the S-Etukortti card.

Payment-method benefit is calculated on the total of all purchases, with a few exceptions.

Payment of payment-method benefit

Payment-method benefit is paid into the co-op member household's main member's benefit payment account in the S-Bank by the 10th of the following month, and it shows there as a separate deposit.

Payment-method benefit also to family members

Payment-method benefit accrues on S-Etukortti cards belonging to everyone in a co-op member household.Therefore, it is worthwhile ensuring that family members also have their own S-Etukortti cards, equipped with a payment option, at their disposal.