My Account: Terms of use


The Omat tiedot (My Account) service (henceforth referred to as "Service") is a service for the S Group customers. With the Service, the Customer can use their personal information stored in the S Group co-op member and customer register with any service that utilises this particular Service. The Service makes it possible for the customer to switch between services without having to identify themselves again. The Customer can save their payment card information into the Service, and use these payment cards in other services that utilise it.

The Customer's personal information is handled in compliance with the S Group Co-op member and customer register privacy statement. The Service may require cookies to function correctly.

The services that utilise information from this Service include other terms of use that are to be accepted separately.

Parties and targets of the terms


Customer: An S Group co-op member, a person who belongs to a co-op household or other customer whose information is stored in the S Group co-op member and customer register.
SOK: SOK (Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta) is responsible for the Service.

S-ryhmä Group: The S Group is comprised of Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) and its co-operative retail societies with their subsidiaries and affiliated corporations (for the purposes of this contract with the exception of S-Pankki Oy).

Service provider's contact details:
Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta
Mailing address: PL 1, 00088 S-RYHMÄ
Street address: Fleminginkatu 34, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland

Inquiries regarding the service:
S Group's co-op member service 010 76 5858, Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (€0.084 /minute).

Identification and switching between services while identified

You can identify yourself in the Service in several ways. The Customer can create a user name and password or identify themselves in another way enabled by the service provider, such as mobile ID or online bank user identifiers. As the Service is developed and improved, new means of identification may be added. The credentials are personal and are not to be shared with others.

The customer can switch between different online services provided by the S Group while identified (so-called Single-Sign-On). If the Customer has misplaced their user name or password, they can be renewed via an online service or via the S Group customer service.

If the customer suspects that their credentials have been compromised, they should change them immediately or contact the service provider's customer service so the credentials can be revoked. If any payment cards have been linked to the service, the Customer is also obligated to inform the payment card provider's card blocking service immediately.

Stored payment card information

The Customer may enter payment card information into the Service. If the Customer adds their payment card information in the Service, they accept responsibility for the purchases made with the payment information of those cards in different online services. If the Customer suspects their credentials for the Service have been compromised or that they may be subject to misuse, they are obligated to block all payment cards linked to the service.

The payment card information is transferred to the payment agent's (Nets Oy) system. SOK does not store the payment card information in its own registers or databases. Only the technical signifier for the payment card is saved into the S Group co-op member and customer register.

Identified customer's responsibilities

The Customer is responsible for all actions performed in online services while identified. The log-out function ends all sessions in the services the Customer has accessed while identified.  If the Customer accesses the Service with devices that are in common use or devices that other people have access to, they should always log out of the Service at the end of a session, clear the browser history of the data terminal and make sure that the credentials are not stored in the data terminal memory.


The Customer is responsible for the information security of the devices used and keeping it up to date, as well as the functionality and the costs of data connections, operating system and the data terminal as a whole.

Information needed for the Service

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information they enter into the system. SOK is under no obligation to check the accuracy of the information given by the Customer and accepts no responsibility for disruptions or damages caused to the Customer or a third party due to inaccurate information given by the Customer.


The Customer is responsible for the lawfulness of their actions and that they do not violate the rights of others while using the Service. SOK has the right to remove any content that is unlawful, abusive or does not comply with these terms of use from the service at its sole discretion. In cases of misuse SOK has the right to block the use of the Service or limit its usage.

SOK's rights and obligations

Use of Service and information stored in it

As a rule, the service is available at all times. Service interruptions may take place due to servicing, updates, maintenance, incidents or other similar reasons.

Liability for damages

SOK is not responsible for any indirect damage caused by disturbances or mistakes that may occur in the Service. SOK is not responsible for any damage that occurs in a situation where a force majeure event or a similar reason poses excessive challenges for the functioning of S Group.
SOK is not responsible for the actions, functioning, content, services or products of the online services that utilise the Service, unless it is the provider of those services.

Ownership, copyright and trademark

SOK owns the intellectual property rights of the Service. The Customer has a parallel access to utilise, save and transfer personal information and material compiled based on that information in the service.

Changes to the terms of use, updates and discontinuation of use

Changes to the terms of use

SOK is continuously developing its services. Because of this, the form, use and contents of the Service may change. SOK may change or update these terms of use due to development or other reasons. SOK will notify users of the changes in a way it sees best fit.

The name of these terms of use may change. If the name changes, the same terms of use will be applied in the future using the new name without a separate notification of it.

SOK's right to update and discontinue the service

SOK may update or close the service at any time. SOK has the right to block the use of the service completely or for a certain Customer, if the Customer does not comply with the terms of use or if SOK has reason to believe that the Service or information in it is used for unlawful activities or in a way that may cause damage or danger of damage to S Group or a third party.


For these terms of use, Finnish law is applied regardless of from which country and with what kind of a technical device the Service is accessed.
Disputes arising from these terms of service should be primarily settled by negotiation between the parties. If this does not result in a solution, the matter is settled at Helsinki District Court. A consumer client has, however, the right to take legal action against SOK in the general court of first instance in their own place of residency.