Business areas

S Group's key business areas are the supermarket trade, department stores and speciality stores, the hardware trade, service station store and fuel sales, and the travel industry and hospitality business.  In addition, S-Bank offers banking services to co-op members. Individual cooperatives conduct automotive trade and agricultural trade.

Supermarket trade

S Group conducts its supermarket trade through five chains in a total of around 900 locations. The service network formed by the stores is always planned to meet the diverse needs of the local residents in as extensive a manner as possible.

Prisma – quality with affordable prices

  • Affordable prices guaranteed.
  • An extensive range of products, from steaks to coffeemakers.
  • Central locations near good transport connections.
  • A large and well-functioning store, where the presentation of products allows for a smooth shopping experience.

S-market – more than just inexpensive

  • The largest grocery chain in Finland.
  • Convenient, fast, high quality, good service. Everything customers need for everyday use and special occasions.
  • Each S-market has a unique product range. It is designed to meet the needs of the customer base of the S-market in question.

Sale and Alepa – local stores with service

  • Stores around Finland, with Alepa stores located in the Greater Helsinki Area.
  • A convenient and straightforward store near the home or workplace.
  • The stores are open every day from morning till night, some even around the clock.
  • The product ranges include familiar fresh products and other daily food items at permanently affordable prices.

Grocery stores at ABC service station stores – for customers on the road

  • The grocery trade is conducted under the Sale, Alepa, S-market and ABC-Market brands. 
  • The most convenient grocery shopping location for customers on the road and local residents alike.
  • Long opening hours, every day of the year. Open even on holidays.
  • The product range covers all basic everyday items:  those for immediate use as well as the most important supplementary items to large grocery purchases.


Department store and speciality store trade

S Group's department store and speciality store chains include Sokos, Emotion and Marks & Spencer, as well as some other speciality store chains. More than 70 department store and speciality store locations around Finland. 

Sokos – a department store in the heart of the city

  • Sokos department stores are located at the very centres of Finland's major cities.

Emotion – all about beauty

  • Emotion is Finland's largest chain of beauty and well-being speciality stores, offering a wide selection of leading cosmetics brands, perfumes, haircare products, daily cosmetics, jewellery and health products.

Marks & Spencer

  • Marks & Spencer is one of the leading retail chains in Great Britain. Its selection includes high-quality clothing, homeware and food products. In Finland, Marks & Spencer focuses on fashion for men and women and select British delicacies.


Hardware trade

S Group's hardware trade includes the Kodin Terra and S-Rauta chains, which focus on building, renovation and interior decoration as well as yard and gardening, with a total of 25 stores. 

Kodin Terra

  • Kodin Terra features approximately 35,000 products, with delivery sales offering a selection of another 35,000 products. It also offers a variety of additional services, such as installation, design and transportation assistance.
  • Its target group includes both consumers and corporate customers.


  • S-Rauta offers an extensive selection of products, as well as comprehensive solutions for the needs of renovators and building contractors. In addition, a wide selection of products is available through delivery sales.
  • Its target group includes both consumers and corporate customers.


Service station store and fuel sales

ABC is Finland's most valued service station brand. It takes care of both customers who are just travelling through and those who live nearby by offering quick, versatile services every day of the year. The services offered by ABC include fuel and restaurant services, an extensive grocery store, a consumer goods selection aimed particularly at motorists and mobile customers, and restroom and baby changing facilities.

ABC service stations

  • In addition to a petrol station, ABC service station stores always include a restaurant with a diverse menu and an affordable grocery store.
  • Their selection of additional services is extensive, including spacious and tidy restrooms, baby changing stations and a play area for kids, and often a car wash as well. Nearly all ABC service station stores have a complimentary Wi-Fi connection.

ABC unmanned stations

  • Unmanned ABC stations are located mainly beside S Group's larger outlets, such as Prisma stores, S-markets and Sale stores.


  • Deli stores are HOK-Elanto's small shops designed specifically for urban environments. Most of them accompany an unmanned ABC station.


  • Most of the ABC CarWash facilities accompany ABC service station stores and unmanned stations, or Deli and Prisma stores.
  • All ABC CarWash facilities are modern, clean and safe car wash outlets that offer an environmentally friendly way of getting your car clean.


Travel industry and hospitality business

Sokos Hotels, Radisson Blu and S Group's individual and chain restaurants offer a diverse range of hotel and restaurant services and experiences for the varying needs of customers. S Group has more than 60 hotels and more than 750 restaurants. 

Sokos Hotels

  • Sokos Hotels are owned by the regional cooperatives or Sokotel Oy, and they are always located in city centres or leisure destinations.

Radisson Blu

  • In addition to accommodation, S Group's hotels offer versatile conference, restaurant and leisure services for the varying needs of customers.

S Group restaurants

  • S Group includes the best-known restaurant chains in Finland, such as Rosso, Amarillo, Fransmanni, Coffee House and ABC Restaurant. Half of S Group's restaurants are chain restaurants.
  • The individual restaurants include such well-known and traditional operations as Kappeli and Torni in Helsinki and Samppalinna in Turku.



S-Bank is a Finnish in-store bank owned by S Group and LocalTapiola Group, with approximately three million customers. It offers extensive services for daily banking, savings, investing and the financing of purchases.

Read more about S-Bank (In Finnish)


Operations in Russia and the Baltic countries

SOK Corporation has supermarket trade, travel industry and hospitality business operations in Estonia and Russia.

  • Prisma stores in St Petersburg in Russia and in Estonia.
  • Sokos Hotels in St Petersburg in Russia and Tallinn in Estonia.


Read more about developments in the business areas in S Group's annual report for 2017