Terms of use for the S-kanava.fi online service

By using the website maintained by SOK (hereinafter "the Service"), you agree to comply with these terms of use. The Service may also have other service-specific conditions that you accept separately. If these terms of use are in conflict with service-specific conditions, the service-specific conditions will prevail over these terms.

SOK (Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta) owns the Service and is responsible for its operation and development, and acts as the service provider.

Copyright and trademark

Intellectual property rights contained in the Service (including trademarks and copyright) belong to SOK. The user may not use any of SOK's intellectual property contained in the services without written permission from SOK. Bulletins published in the Service may be used for journalistic purposes, provided that the source of information is referred to during such use.

Responsibility for the Service and its content

SOK does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the material. Product prices, pictures, product details, availability and all other material in the Service are published without any guarantee. SOK is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by information contained in the Service.

SOK reserves the right to change the terms of use and their appearance, content and availability, as well as the services provided with them or other features of the Service, at any time, without advance notice, and for any reason whatsoever. SOK has the right to suspend use of the Service completely, partially, or with regard to a certain Customer.

SOK does not guarantee uninterrupted or fault-free operation. Unless otherwise mandated by imperative legislation, SOK is not liable for any damage arising from use of this Service, prevention of such use or any other reason related to the Service.

The terms of use of the "Omat tiedot" ("My Account") service are applied to all users who have logged in to the Service, in addition to these terms of use.

Times for using the Service

In principle, the Service is always in use. For a justifiable reason, SOK can limit the time of use of the Service by notifying the user of this in the Service. SOK endeavours to submit such notifications well in advance. Service interruptions may take place due to servicing, updates, maintenance, incidents or other similar reasons.

Third-party services

The Service may contain links to sites owned or maintained by third parties. When accessing these websites, users must read and accept any terms and conditions of these websites before using them. SOK is not responsible for the operation, content or other features of sites produced by such third parties.

SOK is not liable for the functionality of applications or additional features installed by third parties, for incidents or faults caused by them, or for any other damage related to or arising from these.

Technical preconditions for using the Service

Customers must, at their own expense, acquire the equipment, software and data communication connections required to use the Service, as well as other necessary services, must pay for the operating and maintenance costs of these, and must ensure their security and functionality. SOK does not guarantee that the Service can be used with the customer's equipment. Users are responsible for the security and up-to-date protection of their equipment.

If the Service is used with a computer in shared use (educational institution, library, etc.) and the user has logged in to the Service, the user must delete the browser history and remember to log out of the Service with the "Kirjaudu ulos" ("Log out") button.


The Service makes use of cookies. Cookies are used for managing sessions and monitoring visitors. Cookies help analyse how the Service is used by its users.

The Service utilises analytics in analysing use of the website. Read more about cookies >>  

Users can prevent the use of cookies, if they wish, by changing the settings in their Internet browser. However, preventing the use of cookies can affect the operation of the site, so some functionalities may not be available for use.

Discussions, blogs and comments

Discussion boards, blogs and possibilities for submitting comments are intended for constructive and appropriate exchange of thoughts. All writers must abide by the rules concerning the Service.

SOK does not perform any advance checks of details that emerge in discussions, blogs or comments. If necessary, SOK deletes details that violate the terms of use, the rules and instructions of the Service, or the law or good practice once SOK has become aware of such a breach. SOK is not responsible for text written by users or consequences caused by such text, or for any information created or attached in the Service by users. Users are personally responsible for the contents of discussions, comments and blogs. Users are responsible for their own actions, and a person who writes messages that violate the law may be subject to criminal liability for such text.