Administration and management

Democracy is one of the cornerstones of cooperative activities. Each co-op member can participate in S Group decision-making through their cooperative. The 20 regional cooperatives and eight local cooperatives of S Group are owned by co-op members. SOK Corporation is owned by the regional and local cooperatives. SOK is a Finnish cooperative, with a cooperative meeting as its highest decision-making body.

The highest-decision making body of a regional cooperative is its Council of Representatives, which is elected every four years. All co-op members aged 15 and over are entitled to vote in the election. All members aged 18 and over can run for Council membership. The Council of Representatives elects the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board decides on the main policies for the activities of a cooperative and elects its Board of Directors.

In addition to its role as an administrative body, the Council of Representatives of a cooperative plays a significant role in creating extensive contacts between co-op members and the management of the cooperative. The Council of Representatives convenes in accordance with the rules of the cooperative. The most significant single issues that fall within the authority of a Council of Representatives include amendments to rules and decisions related to discontinuing or merging the cooperative.