Cooperative – a co-op member's own shop

The S Group consists of regional cooperatives as well as SOK, owned by the cooperatives, and SOK's subsidiaries. The cooperatives' owners are those customers who have joined as members of the cooperative and, at the same time, have invested in the cooperative's capital by paying the membership fee. The business idea of a cooperative is to produce services and benefits for co-op members.

A co-op member comes first – both as a customer and as a participant

In cooperatives, co-op members are the owners and the most important customers.Quite naturally, the cooperative's as well as the whole S Group's best benefits are reserved for them.

The highest deciding organ in a cooperative is the Council of Representatives, chosen through an election. Any co-op member of a cooperative who has full rights and resides in the cooperative's region can run for election.Every co-op member 15 years old or older before the election year also has the right to vote in the election for the Council of Representatives.

A share of profits returns to co-op members

Throughout the cooperatives' entire history, the production of benefits has belonged to the activities associated with the cooperative business form.According to the principles of cooperative activities, the benefit created through the centralisation of purchases is returned to the co-op members as benefits.We know this purchase reward as Bonus.

Success brings mutual benefit

The success of a cooperative brings many benefits to its co-op members.Profit manifests itself directly as a monetary benefit in the form of Bonus and payment-method benefit, and possibly also as interest on the membership fee and return on surplus.Part of the profit from the cooperative's business activities is reserved for the development of services and offerings to co-op members as well as of the company and its operational area.