The store you own

You can own one share of your Cooperative Society. The same as other customer-owners. And it has no other owners. The mission of the Cooperative Society is to provide services and benefits for its customer-owners. The most important benefit is the Bonus that rewards the customer for using the services.

The Cooperative Society benefits you and other customer-owners through constantly developing services and valuable benefits. You are also entitled to your share of the Cooperative's profits in the form of interest on the cooperative contribution or distribution of surplus revenue. In any event, the majority of the money remains in the local area.

Offerings for every need

The basic offering of the S Group Cooperative is the supermarkets, including the Prisma, S Market, Sale and Alepa stores. In addition to the supermarkets, you also have access to e.g. the ABC convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, Sokos department stores, hardware stores and the S Bank.

And this is only a part. On the website of your own Cooperative Society, you can form a clearer picture of your ownership through the cooperative.

Cooperative Society is an important employer

It is also good to know that the Cooperatives are often among the most important employers in their locations. Your Cooperative is part of the S Group, with the Cooperative Societies that form it together being Finland's largest private employer.

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