The Council of Representatives speaks with your voice

The Council is the members' representative in the Cooperative Society's governance. It makes decisions and acts as the voice that brings the members' development thoughts to the management of the Cooperative Society: ideas and wishes for improving the retail services.

Like owners, like representatives

The shape the Council of Representatives takes depends on you and other customer-owners, as only you have the right to vote in the Cooperative Society election where the Council is elected.

The Councils of Representatives of Cooperative Societies have traditionally been much like their customer-owners. They include both store checkout operators, construction workers, nurses, office workers and career politicians. They all share an interest in the Cooperative Society's affairs.

Selects the Board of Supervisors

The Council of Representatives selects the Board of Supervisors, which is tasked with overseeing the Cooperative's business and deciding e.g. on the substantial contraction or expansion of operations, approving the strategy, and selecting the Board of Directors and the Managing Director.

Approves the financial statement

The Council of Representatives approves the Cooperative Society's financial statement and decides how the possible revenue surplus shown by the balance sheet should be used. The Cooperative Society's Council of Representatives also decides on possible rule changes and fusion projects.

Elections every four years

The term of the Cooperative Society's Council of Representatives is always four years, and it meets at least twice a year.