Co-op membership and S-Etukortti card

As a co-op member, you are one of the owners of your cooperative and thus entitled to the best benefits from the cooperative and the entire S Group. The S-Etukortti card is a sign of your co-op membership and a key to benefits. You obtain it by becoming a member of the cooperative, i.e., a co-op member.

As a co-op member, you can get up to 5% of purchase reward, i.e., Bonus for your purchases, and when you pay your purchases with the S-Etukortti card, you will receive payment-method benefit on top of that. You can buy beverages and food at cafés and restaurants at co-op member prices, stay at hotels and spas at a lesser cost and receive benefits at various events. As a co-op member, you will also have the free banking services of S-Bank at your disposal.

On these pages, we will tell you how to benefit from your co-op membership – genuinely, every day!