Frequently asked question about S-Code

What is an S-Code and how do I start using it?


You can use your S-Code to log in to S Group’s online services as part of your digital customer relationship. The S-Code is personal and consists of your chosen user ID and password. Using your S-Code is a form of light authentication. The S-Code cannot be used to log in to services requiring strong authentication. You still need your online bank codes for services that require strong authentication, such as S-Bank’s services. 

You can create your S-Code when logging in to S Group’s online services: for example the Oma S-kanava web service, online stores (Prisma, Sokos, Kodin Terra), ABC-mobiili app,, and If you want to link your co-op membership to your S-Code, you must use strong authentication when creating the code. Strong authentication enables us to connect your digital customer relationship to your information in S Group’s co-op member and customer register. Strong authentication requires your online bank codes or Mobile ID, which is a service included in your SIM card that serves as your digital ID. Contact your operator for more information about activating your Mobile ID.

Where can I use the S-Code?


The S-Code is your log-in ID to S Group’s services, such as Oma S-kanava, the Sokos, Prisma and Kodin Terra online stores, the ABC-mobiili app, as well as the, and websites.

The S-Code cannot be used instead of S-Bank’s banking identifiers to log in to services requiring strong authentication. In other words, you will need your S-Bank banking ID to log in to S-Bank, to use S-Bank’s online payment and authentication services as well as for co-op member authentication.

I have forgotten my S-Code password/user ID. Can I create a new S-Code to replace the old one?


If you have forgotten your password and/or user ID, you can submit an online request to have it sent to your mobile phone or e-mail address, provided that your current contact details (e-mail/mobile phone) have been registered in S Group’s co-op member and customer register. 

For more assistance and information, please contact S Group member service on tel. +358 10 76 5858, Mon–Fri from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (€0.084 per minute).

Can I change my S-Code user ID and password?


To manage your S-Code details, log in to your account and go to the ID management section. There you can change both your user ID and password.


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