As a co-op member, you receive more

As a customer at an outlet

As a co-op member, you are a customer of your cooperative and also one of its owners – so a lot more than a regular customer.You can enjoy the best benefits of the cooperative and the whole S Group.The S-Etukortti card is a sign of your co-op membership and simultaneously a key to benefits.

In addition to inexpensive grocery shopping at S Group outlets, you also receive Bonus from your purchases – in other words, they pay back money. The S-Etukortti card holds real benefits, allowing you to get clear-cut financial benefits in several cafés and restaurants, hotels and spas, as well as department stores and many other S Group outlets. As a co-op member, it is easy to collect your preferred benefits from the wide selection, both for everyday life and festivities.

Did you know that it is possible to browse many products online at your own pace and then go shopping in the outlet afterwards?  S-kanava is another address to S Group's services. Here you can find lots of useful information, the latest benefits as well as tips and ideas.

As a customer at S-Bank

S-Bank's services are primarily aimed at co-op members. One of the co-op member benefits is free daily banking services at S-Bank.By taking these services into active use, you can make significant savings every year.

When joining as a co-op member, you will receive the Visa option to your S-Etukortti card free of charge as well as online banking services and the S-Tili Account current account, which is used for co-op member benefits that are paid in cash, such as Bonus and payment-method benefit.

The daily banking services of S-Bank are also free of charge for family members living in the same household with the co-op member. In other words, when one person in a family is a co-op member, all other family members in the same household can take equivalent S-Bank services into use free of charge.

S-Bank's customer service points can be found at every Prisma and in the larger Sokos department stores and S-markets.They are full-service customer service points, and you can take care of all your banking business there. The smaller S-markets as well as the Sale and Alepa outlets, ABC service station stores and Kodin Terra shops have service points. There you can take care of banking business through forms that are available at the self-service points of the outlets. The S-Bank services are also available in the online bank and via phone service.