Values, strategy and vision

The purpose of S Group's operations is to provide co-op members with competitive services and benefits in a profitable manner. The first cooperatives were established more than 100 years ago to provide their members, ordinary Finnish consumers, with affordable, high-quality products and services. S Group continues on this course.

The values that guide S Group's operations are based on the principles of responsible cooperative activities.

The retail sector is undergoing its most extensive transformation in decades. The competition is international in all lines of retail trade, and global selections are available online to all consumers, Finns included. Digitalisation is also transforming the retail sector. It is shaping business models and changing consumer behaviour in a never-before-seen, irrevocable manner.  For a long time, the Finnish market has been among the most strictly regulated markets in Europe, but restrictions are likely to be lifted in the future.  Deregulation will increase competition and choices, which benefits consumers.

S Group's vision is that, by 2020, S Group will be a trade group
that offers superior benefits and ease from your own store.

Making this vision a reality requires a great deal of work. S Group must keep up with the times while also honouring its roots and core ideology: responsible cooperative operations. In its service development, S Group must always focus on its cooperative core task: making daily life easier for its owners. Cooperative enterprises need to be profitable, without a need to maximise their profits.  Their profits are used on member benefits and operational development.  

S Group's key strategic targets include improving profitability and increasing customer satisfaction.  Responding to future challenges requires the increasingly competitive, cost-efficient, competent and responsible operations of the entire trade group.  Companies cannot be further developed just by cutting costs or enhancing operational efficiency. Consumers' requirements are increasing, and they must be provided with new services and new ways to use services.  S Group is strongly investing in the development of innovative digital and other customer-focused service solutions while also cooperating with start-ups and growth companies.

As a cooperative enterprise, S Group wants to be a pacesetter in corporate responsibility. This is achieved through systematic, open dialogue with stakeholders.

Business operations must adapt to customers' needs.  Customers are increasingly using services online, and digital services are here to stay. Relevant information – such as prices and product and availability information – must be easily accessible to customers regardless of time and place.

S Group's 20 regional cooperatives are owned by their co-op members and operate according to the cooperative principles. All co-op members own an equal share of their cooperative. S Group wants to foster and further develop the ties between the cooperatives and their owners.