Working at Prisma during the schoolyear and in the summer

It all started with the ‘Tutustu työelämään ja tienaa' (‘Learn and earn') traineeship. Valtteri Hautamäki, who at the time went to lower secondary school, did so well during his trainee period at the Masku S-market that he secured a job there for the following summer as well. Later, when Hautamäki, now 18, was studying at a vocational institute, he started working part-time at Prisma Länsikeskus in Turku.

The path that has led Hautamäki into working life is very common in S Group. In 2016, S Group's outlets employed approximately 13,000 summer employees and trainees, the majority of whom were young people. The majority of them worked at supermarkets.

Valtteri Hautamäki says he has been able to navigate both work and school just fine.

"Thanks to my cool coworkers, working has not always even felt like work! Of course, I have been tired at times, but then I've just taken it one day at a time."

Students working part-time at Prisma stores of the Turun Osuuskauppa cooperative usually sign a contract by which the employee and employer commit to five hours of work per week. However, often more work is available.

Valtteri Hautamäki has worked an average of two days per week during his studies, and in the summer he has accepted as many hours as have been available.

"Shelf stacking, tending the service counter and helping customers," he says, listing his job duties.

The electronics department of Prisma offered him job duties closest to the vocation for which he is studying. The young man graduated as an electrician and automation mechanic a year ago and after his military service, he plans to continue studies in the same field at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences – and part-time work at the Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa cooperative.

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Photo: Tuukka Mielonen