S Group donated a record amount to the Pink Ribbon campaign

S Group and its customers raised over 450,000 euros for breast cancer research in the Pink Ribbon campaign. More than 187,000 ribbons designed by Michael Monroe were purchased by Finns at S Group stores during the September–October 2016 campaign period.

Compared to the previous year, the ribbon sales increased considerably: the number of ribbons sold was 50,000 higher than in 2015. In total, the Pink Ribbon campaign organised by Cancer Foundation Finland raised over 1.8 million euros.

"We are very grateful to customers who took part in the campaign and to our partner companies. As public funding for research is dwindling, the importance of Cancer Foundation's support to cancer researchers keeps growing. Year by year, there is more and more need for donated funds", says Helena Hulkko, Head of Fundraising at Cancer Foundation Finland.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Finland. Approximately 5,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, and the number is constantly growing. The Pink Ribbon campaign promotes breast cancer research in Finland and supports those who have fallen ill and their loved ones. The fundraising campaign, organised now for the 14th time, helps prevent and treat an increasing number of diagnosed cases of breast cancer.

S Group has been a partner in the Pink Ribbon campaign for a few years. The main focus of the cooperation is selling ribbons, for which S Group's extensive network of outlets is well suited. The ribbons were sold in Prisma stores, S-markets, Sale and Alepa stores, ABC service station store markets as well as at Sokos and Emotion stores.

Photo: Jussi Vierimaa