Wind power target was reached, solar power is also an option

Wind power is a renewable, domestic form of energy production, which reduces the need for electricity production that generates carbon dioxide emissions. Investing in the production of renewable energy means investing in the future. Therefore, S Group has been increasing the share of wind power in its electricity production year after year. S Group also knows that its stakeholders expect the Group to consume energy sensibly and to invest in renewable forms of energy.

S Group's goal of its own wind power accounting for 50 per cent of the electricity used was met at the end of 2016. Approximately 35 per cent of the entire year's consumption was produced with own wind power. The share of wind power in the electricity used will increase to approximately 50 per cent next year, when the production capacity will be in use throughout the year. A total of six new wind turbines were commissioned in 2016. S Group had a total of 90 wind turbines at the end of 2016. In addition, the construction of 41 turbines was commenced last year, so in 2017, the number of wind turbines in operation will reach 131.

In addition to wind power, S Group has been monitoring the profitability of solar power for years, and about a dozen outlets have already been converting solar energy into electricity. For example, a solar power station with 400 panels was completed on the roof of S-Market Hennala in Lahti last year.

"Solar power suits stores excellently, since electricity consumption in retail peaks during the summer when it is sunny, and the roof offers a vast area without shade. All electricity produced during summer can also be used in the store. In addition, solar power can increase S Group's own renewable energy production and lower the electricity bill – after all, S Group is Finland's largest payer of electricity tax," says Mikko Halonen, Managing Director of S-Voima Oy.