Waste fabrics transformed into Cyclo clothes

In November, clothes made from recycled materials were added to Prisma's product range. The Cyclo line in the House and Ciraf clothing brands is made from waste pieces of fabrics from textile factories, which have been converted into new fabric or knit through a chemical process. The Cyclo line is available in all Prisma stores.

It is a good example of the circular economy. Using surplus materials from the textile industry as raw material makes the clothes manufacturing process efficient and saves the environment. The process is more efficient than usual, and therefore, the products are also reasonably priced.

"We wanted to have ethical and ecological clothes in our product range, since these values are increasingly important to us and many customers. It is also important to us to be able to offer the products at a good price," says Päivi Hole, fashion assortment manager at S Group's retail.

The Cyclo line includes items for men, women and children. Initially, the number of products was quite limited, but the product range was expanded in spring 2017.

"The clothes have been very well received, even with fairly minimal marketing. The men's Cyclo items have practically flown off the shelves," Hole says.

The current women's line includes a knitwear items and the children's line offers sweatshirts and sweatpants as well as cardigans. For men, there are various knitwear items, and the plan is to expand the line to sweatshirts, sweatpants and knitted fabric products.

"Overall, our intention is to expand the range of products made from recycled fabrics in Prisma. In addition, we will also be offering other ecological products, since consumers are showing extensive interest in them."

Photo: Outi Potila