Sale Kiihtelysvaara gave up oil heating

Sale Kiihtelysvaara switched from using oil heating to a water-air heating pump in September–October 2015. The store's cold storage equipment, lighting and ventilation system were also overhauled at the same time. In autumn 2016, it was time to reap the benefits of the renovation.

Overhauling the systems reduced both emissions and costs. Ari Korhonen, property manager at the Pohjois-Karjalan Osuuskauppa cooperative, calculates that the new systems reduced the store's energy costs by more than a third. Fuel costs decreased by EUR 9,000 and the electricity bill is now approximately EUR 12,000 smaller.

"Of course, the renovation incurred expenses, which will take time to cover. But helps the environment, and promoting responsibility was our intention all along."

Parallel to the water-air heating pump, electricity is now used for heating to even out demand peaks when the outside temperature drops below -20 degrees centigrade. In addition, the store uses condensation heat from the cold storage equipment.

In connection with the heating system overhaul, the store's fluorescent lighting was replaced by LED lights and the cold storage equipment was modernised. Carbon dioxide cold storage equipment was also taken to use.

"Carbon dioxide is more environmentally friendly as a refrigerant, since potential leaks do not burden the atmosphere as much as other substances."

The renovation progressed as planned, and no store closure was needed at any point during the project. Korhonen says he can highly recommend giving up oil heating, since replacing oil with more environmentally friendly solutions is easy.

"We are committed to the ‘Öljytön Pohjois-Karjala' project for reducing the use of oil in heating in North Karelia. We have only three oil-heated properties left at our cooperative: one ABC service station store and two supermarket properties. The plan is to renovate the supermarkets this year and to do the same with the ABC property by 2020," Korhonen says.