Responsible and healthy choices at hotels

More than 50% of S Group's hotels are Green key certified. The Green Key programme now covers all eight Radisson Blu Hotels in Finland and 32 of the Sokos Hotel chain's 50 units. The goal is to include all S Group's hotels in the programme in 2017.

"We aim to incorporate environmental awareness in the daily life of our personnel and guests at all our hotels," says Janina Nurmela, concept manager at Sokos Hotels.

In addition to loss management, the Green Key programme is among the top responsibility acts carried out by S Group's hotels, and according to Nurmela, the programme takes a clear stand on responsibility in the travel industry.

A hotel which has been awarded the Green Key label is, among others, committed to raising environmental awareness among personnel and guests, improving the effectiveness of energy and water consumption, as well as reducing the environmental burden caused by the hospitality operations. In addition, the Green Key programme motivates hotel guests to nourish their own well-being.

"For example, Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo encourages guests to take the stairs instead of using the lift. We also support daily exercise by offering bicycles to rent at the hotels."

One additional S Group hotel, the Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone in Savonlinna, received the Allergy label last year. Currently, 35 of the 45 Sokos Hotels in Finland carry the label awarded by the Allergy and Asthma Federation. The goal is for as many of them as possible to receive the label.

"A few of our hotels also welcome pets, which is why they cannot receive the allergy label. A couple of hotels need ventilation renovations or new floor materials before they qualify for the label. However, all our hotels apply the housecleaning model and use cleaning agents approved by the Allergy and Asthma Federation."

For more information on the Green Key activities at Sokos Hotels.

Photo: Antti Suistola