Responsibility Management

Responsibility in S Group covers all business areas, which is why it is managed jointly with business management at the S Group level. SOK's Responsibility unit is in charge of the S Group-level development, management and reporting of responsibility. SOK's Responsibility unit operates as part of SOK's Business Operation Group, which includes all S Group's business areas as well as the procurement and logistics companies. 

SOK's Responsibility unit is in charge of strategic goal setting and defines the focus areas of S Group's responsibility development. The business area-specific responsibility objectives and procedures are defined jointly with the business units, subsidiaries and the Responsibility unit. The Responsibility unit monitors the implementation of the procedures and reports regularly to the Business Operation Group and SOK's Corporate Management Team on responsibility development. In addition, SOK's Executive Board approves the S Group-level responsibility principles and programme as well as the strategic policies. Policies concerning products and services are prepared jointly with the business areas.

S Group's responsibility Advisory Group, consisting of external experts, is part of the responsibility management and steering model. The Advisor Group's role is to support and challenge S Group in developing responsibility. Its purpose is to provide S Group with information about new opportunities, best practices in corporate responsibility, innovations and risks related to the operating environment. Nevertheless, the decisions concerning the focus areas of development are made within S Group. In addition to the Director of Corporate Responsibility, the CEO, Executive Vice President and business area management participate in the Advisory Group's work.

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