S Group in brief

S Group is a renowned Finnish cooperative group of companies operating in the retail sector. It consists of SOK Corporation and its subsidiaries as well as 20 regional and seven local cooperatives.

The co-op members own the cooperatives, which in turn own SOK Corporation. SOK operates as the central organisation of the cooperative enterprises and provides them with procurement, expert and support services. SOK is also responsible for the strategic guidance of S Group and the development of the business chains. SOK Corporation comprises SOK and its subsidiaries.

The purpose of S Group's business is to provide co-op members with competitive services and benefits in a profitable manner. The group wants to offer diverse services and an extensive network of outlets for co-op members everywhere in Finland. All operations are based on meeting customers' need for services and making everyday life easier through useful services and benefits.

S Group's key business areas are supermarket trade, department stores and speciality stores, hardware trade, service station store and fuel sales, as well as the travel industry and hospitality business.  In addition, S-Bank offers banking services. Prisma, S-market, Sale, ABC, Sokos Hotels, Rosso and several other S Group outlets are familiar places for Finnish consumers.

In addition to the Finnish market, S Group conducts international operations in Russia and the Baltic countries. There are Prisma stores in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In addition to Finland, Sokos Hotels provide services in both St. Petersburg and Tallinn.

The purpose of S Group's operations is to provide its owners with competitive services and benefits in a profitable manner. The first cooperatives were established more than 110 years ago to provide their members – ordinary Finnish consumers – with high-quality products and services that were affordable. We are still on this same path.

S Group's vision is that, by 2020, it will be a retail group that offers unparalleled benefits and convenience from your own store.

Our operations are guided by our values, based on responsible cooperative principles.

Read more about S Group's strategy and vision in S-kanava.


Value creation in S Group

S Group is an important operator in society as an employer and payer of taxes. Our operations create value for our stakeholders and society.

S Group's key figures, EUR million 2016 2015 2014
Retail sales (the entire S Group) 11 020 10 840 11 182
     Retail sales in Finland 10 580 10 315 10 599
     Retail sales in the Baltic countries and Russia 439 489 583
Cooperatives' retail sales 10 350 10 076 10 373
S Group's operative result  290 265 226
Investments 511 559 526
Bonus paid out to co-op members 353 343 361
Co-op members (number) 2 292 039 2 225 506 2 156 828
Personnel (number)* 40 482 37 758 40 292
Outlets (number) 1 633 1 632 1 643

All sales VAT 0%

*From 2016 onwards, the situation on 30 November is reported. The figure includes both active and inactive employment relationships and provides the most detailed information on personnel at an annual level. The figures collected at the end of the year include, for example, seasonal employees. The 2015 and 2014 figures are from the end of the respective years and include active employment relationships.


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