Book Butcher&Banker's backroom

Birthdays, bachelor parties, business events..

Select a whiskey tasting, beer tasting or a cocktail
school and enjoy B&B's unique atmosphere with a bunch of your friends.
Butcher & Banker is the most unique bar with the most personal service in town and the most
friendly staff who make the most wonderful drinks you'll ever taste. Now you can book our backroom
for a private occasion, select a whiskey tasting, beer tasting or cocktail school, and enjoy B&B's
atmosphere with a bunch of your friends!
Birthdays, corporate events, stag and hen nights, any festive occasion you can think of!
Prices for private bookings starting from 500 €
Tastings are for a minimum of 5 people, maximum of 10–20 people.
Duration of a tasting 2–3 hours, depending on the size of the group.
Smokey Tasting 45 €
Islay Tasting 40 €
Speyside Tasting 40 €
Highland Tasting 40 €
Scotch Blended Tasting 30 €
Around the Scotland Tasting 50 €
Around the World Tasting 30 €
BEERS 30–40 €
Wheat beers, stouts,
ales, porters, kriek beers, trappists
For more information,
call our sales service 020 780 8850
or send email to: sales.vaasa@sokoshotels.fi
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