Responsibility is about sincere everyday acts

Responsibility has always been one of the co-operative societies' operating principles. HOK-Elanto invests in the well-being of its customers and personnel and does everything that it can to look after our common environment. Above all, responsibility means the genuine acts of every day.

Responsibility also means that customers are offered the chance to make ethical choices. Our ranges include dozens of environment-marked products as well as organic and Fair Trade products.

Helsinki Cooperative Society Elanto provides its 6,000 employees with an 'all-round advantageous' job relationship, which includes not only a salary but also significant personnel perquisites as well as a safe, permanent job and meaningful tasks. Elanto is keen for its part to foster tolerance in Finnish society. For years now, Helsinki Cooperative Society Elanto has been training and hiring immigrants, and at present personnel includes employees from 27 different countries.