The Co-op Society of Finland's Capital Region

Helsinki Cooperative Society Elanto (HOK-Elanto) provides benefits and services for residents of the Greater Helsinki area. Own business operations are supplemented by other S-Group as well as dozens of partners from various business fields. The co-op member's benefit, competent personnel, ability to change, responsibility and profitability are the basic values which steer operation.

HOK-Elanto is part of the S-Group, and as the largest regional co-operative, it is owned by almost 620.000 customer-owners. The HOK-Elanto co-operative has an annual turnover of 2 billion euro, and it employs about  6.000 people. HOK-Elanto operates in the Greater Helsinki area with 320 places of business, and holds market leadership in retail grocery trade. Moreover, HOK-Elanto is one of the largest restaurant operators in the Nordic countries.