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Bonus with your S-Etukortti card with Saunalahti Satakieli mobile phone and broadband connections.


You can collect Bonus with a Satakieli connection from Elisa Shopits, but purchases of phones and other devices earn you Bonus only when bought at the Elisa Shopits at Prisma hypermarkets in Lahti, Hämeenlinna, Jyväskylä, Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Imatra and Riihimäki.


Satakieli 2000


You get 2000 minutes talking time per month with 3 million people in Finland included in the affordable monthly subscription and you earn Bonus for speech telephony and SMS. Saunalahti Satakieli 2000 is a customisable connection which you build into a package to suit your needs and those of each member of your family, conveniently and without obligations, ties-ins and locks.


You get Bonus points for the connection's normal-priced mobile and video calls in Finland, SMS and multimedia messages as well as for data communications, Saunalahti Mobile Broadband connection SK additional contract and for Saunalahti SMS package SK in respect of the above-mentioned phone calls, SMS and multimedia messages in addition to the monthly charge. Phone calls and messages to service numbers do not collect Bonus points.


Satakieli Kelpo


With a Satakieli Kelpo connection, you can talk for 100 minutes a month to Saunalahti, Elisa and Kolumbus mobile phone connections and use mobile broadband at 256 kbit/s without a usage cap for €2.90 a month. Rates for phone calls are at €0.069/minute and SMS are €0.069 apiece. if you wish, you can also include an SMS package with your connection.


Saunalahti Satakieli 3G and 4G broadband connections for computers or tablets, no usage cap.




You get Bonus for the Satakieli Mobile broadband connection's monthly charge and for SMS sent within Finland.


Connections include benefits and offers from Saunalahti and selected partners, for example, by SMS and multimedia messages and by email. There is no fixed term for the contract.


· Satakieli Mobile broadband 3G Perus, speed up to 1 Mbit/s - €9.90/month


· Satakieli Mobile broadband 3G, speed up to 21 Mbit/s - €12.90/month


· Satakieli Mobile broadband 4G, speed up to 50 Mbit/s - €19.80/month


You can get a Saunalahti Satakieli connection by phoning 0800 93 93 93 (weekdays 8 AM-8 PM, Sat. 9 AM-4.30 PM), by visiting an Elisa Shopit in person, or by ordering it from saunalahti.fi/satakieli2000 <http://saunalahti.fi/gsm/satakieli2000.php> and saunalahti.fi/satakielikelpo <http://saunalahti.fi/gsm/satakieli_kelpo.php> and saunalahti.fi/satakielinetti


Saunalahti prepaid                                                                                                                         

Get an inexpensive and versatile prepaid mobile phone connection or mobile broadband for a holiday home or similar at the nearest ABC transport station or a branch of Prisma or Alepa.


It makes a real difference what network you use. Saunalahti is part of Elisa and operates on Elisa's comprehensive 3G network. Elisa has also brought 4G speeds to Finland's fastest and most comprehensive 3G network. 4G takes wirelessness to new heights, and it markedly speeds up net surfing, game play and videoconferencing, etc., on mobile broadband.


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