Agrimarket Jämsä-Multasormi
Teollisuuskatu 2
42100 Jämsä
Tel. 010 76 85063 (Call rates)

Gardening trade at the Multasormi stores

Multasormi is a nationwide gardening store chain within the S Group.

The Multasormi stores are seasonal: they open each spring in April at the latest and close in October. Their selections cover everything you need for setting up, caring for and maintaining your yard: seedlings, summer flowers, bulbs, seeds, gardening machinery and tools, soil, peat, fertilizers, plant protection products, outdoor furniture, grills, outdoor pots, water feature supplies, mini-greenhouses, as well as yard stones and slabs.

Even those Agrimarket stores which do not have a Multasormi store, offer basic gardening supplies such as gardening machinery, tools, seeds, soil, fertilizers and plant protection products.

Since all Multasormi and Agrimarket stores belong to the S Group, all purchases of gardening products are eligible for the S-Bonus.

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